Services to Schools and Colleges

We are pleased to offer a range of services to schools and colleges across Hull,  East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

Regular Activities

Mandarin Classes
Run as part of the school curriculum, or as an after school club, we can provide Mandarin Classes to students of any age.

Cultural Activities
We can run after school clubs, or one off activities introducing Chinese Culture and some language to pupils.  The activities can include games and sports, calligraphy, singing, paper folding and so much more!

Calligraphy Classes
A more formal activity, which introduces the skills of brush and ink calligraphy for writing Chinese characters.

Music classes and training
Already-competent musicians can learn a variety of Chinese tunes – traditional and contemporary – as well as learning to play some simple
Chinese musical instruments.

One-off Activities

Language and Culture Days
Participants learn the basics of speaking Mandarin and learn enough phrases to hold an introductory conversation. The day is interspersed with cultural activities such as calligraphy, paper cutting, tai ji, knotting, tea ceremony, and a musical performance. The purpose of the day is to act as a taster for pupils to consider whether they would wish to take a Mandarin course.

Cultural demonstrations and performances
Demonstrations and performances lasting between one and two hours can be given in any of the cultural activities listed above.

Examination services
Revision sessions for pupils studying for GCSE and A level programmes can be made available as required. Pupils will also be able to take the HSK and YCT examinations at the CIUH examination centre.

School Level Activities

School links
We can help you link up with schools and colleges in China so that pupils can get to know each other through social media and skype/video conference, and learn about education systems and cultures from each other.

Chinese Choir
Drawn from your own choir we can help you put together a Chinese Choir to learn to sing in Mandarin and perform at an appropriate school event, a CIUH event, or in an annual Mandarin singing competition.

Staff training
Using the Language and Culture Day as the basis, we can put together a team building exercise for your teaching staff. Also, we can assist if you would like to hold a local/regional conference at your school on innovative ways of teaching and learning
Chinese language and culture.

Summer camps
We can assist you to arrange a summer camp in China with an associated school or through our partner university.

Confucius Classroom
We can work with you to prepare an application to establish a funded Confucius Classroom on your premises.