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Chinese Whispers Concert - University of Hull


27 April 2022 sees the return of the annual Chinese Whispers concert hosted in the University of Hull’s Middleton Hall!




The Chinese Whispers™ Project embraces culture and creativity. Its intercultural agenda focuses on developing awareness, competence and citizenship in local members of the community (children and adults) and facilitating respectful interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds. Its creative agenda promotes the learning of language and culture through creative practice, such as through choir singing. The Chinese Whispers™ Project celebrates its activities in annual public concerts that are hosted by the Confucius Institute at the University of Hull. The concert involves students and staff from the School of the Arts in the University as well as children and adults who have participated in the Chinese Whispers™ Project.





Dear friends and students of the UoH Confucius Institute,


You are cordially invited to attend the upcoming “Music and Intercultural Practice” Symposium, which will be a 2-day academic conference.  This symposium includes presentations and performances that explore the topic of interculturality and music practice. Interculturality is about the interaction of cultures; it might be regarded as a practice through which individuals from different cultures learn more about their own culture and the culture of others. This is a key theme that underpins the work of the Chinese Whispers™ Project (which collaborated with CIUH) at the University of Hull. The sessions will be very much from an academic standpoint, however everyone is welcome to participate in any sessions if they are of interest! I have attached the symposium programme and the zoom details are below:


Meeting ID – 486 462 5324

Password – 81ycPy


You can register for the event here –

You can find more information about the Chinese Whispers™ Project  here –

You can also email with any questions.



Kind regards,

Hull CI