Chinese Hour



Come along to our Chinese Hour for fun and informal conversation sessions, where you have the chance to practise your Chinese and develop an appreciation of Chinese culture. The weekly meetings are designed for students and the general public, providing a fun and relaxing environment to chat with fellow students, meet new friends, discuss Chinese language and culture, and learn about Chinese customs through food and games.

Our first sessions started in October 2016, and have already received lots of positive feedbacks from those who attended. Regular meetings take place at 4pm in the Dennison Centre on Wednesdays; please feel free to come and have a chat with us!

All are welcome, refreshments included.

Chinese Hour dates in May for your diary –

8 May The practice of giving and receiving gifts 礼尚往来

15 May Chinese Food 中国美食

22 May Customs and etiquette in Chinese dining 中国餐桌礼仪

29 May Childhood Games 童年游戏

To learn more, please contact our Confucius Institute office at +44(0)1482 462197 or email us